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Jewelry Care

Each piece is carefully hand crafted with quality materials. However, you will still want to be sure to take extra care with each unique piece!

Take your jewelry off before showering or bed, and put on your jewelry after using lotion or perfume to avoid tarnishing the pieces. 

Over time body oils may create a foggy film over resin pieces. This can be fixed with a soft cloth and a non abrasive polish. Avoid using chemical products that include alcohol to clean your pieces.

Items made with resin are made with a high quality UV resistant resin, but can still yellow over time. To ensure your piece stays clear for a long time, be sure to keep your piece out of extreme sunlight. Do not leave your piece in a hot car or put in rear view window. 

All copper pieces are sealed with a clear coat to protect to finish. This clear coat may come off over time. To brighten your piece you can use a soft cloth.